Helping people find your business.

Out of all the marketing options out there, Local Search Engine Optimization is probably the most important marketing effort for businesses that rely on clients from a local area. Local optimization focuses on exactly what it sounds like – making sure your business is found locally on search engines. This includes both optimization of your website as well as external optimization of things that control and show your local business listings.

With local SEO we emphasize getting search engines to show your business for searches either within a radius or set local region around where your business is located. We will work with you every step of the way to make sure your business is found when people in your area are searching for your product or service. Local SEO is both a one time and on-going process, often combined with other strategies such as content distribution in order to maximize local exposure for your business.

Not sure if local optimization has been done for your business? Then simply reach out and we will ask you some key questions, review your information online and see where your business stands.

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