Order Complete

Thank you for your order…. Here is what is going to happen next.

  1. Our team will reach out to you and go over the basics of how the new website should be structure.
  2. We will gather information about your business, what you do, the products and/or service you sell.
  3. We create sitemap so you get an idea of how we are visualizing the website and how many pages you will have that need content.
  4. We will gather your logo, any copy needed for the website, as well as photos you may have that can be used.
  5. We send you a couple of different generic options for look and feel, recommended based on your industry.
  6. We create the graphics needed, update colors, layout and insert your copy. We also review the flow and call to action throughout the website.
  7. You will get a development link that you can go and check out your new website
  8. Once it’s approved you will need to sign up for a hosting account. If you host with us, you will also get lifetime updates on any plugins we used on the website.
  9. We help you launch the new website and discuss what options you have for marketing to your website to drive potential clients and customer to it.

Keep an eye out on your email, as we will be sending your more details.

We look forward to working with you on your new website! If at any time you want to chat with us,
then please feel free to give us a call and ask for to speak to a project manager.

Individual Services

We can be your designers, your social media managers, or your whole marketing team!

Our job is to make sure you stay busy, that you stay relevant and that you stay in the marketing game! From simple packages to more custom solutions, we can operate as your complete marketing department, or as your creative, programming or specialized division within your marketing department.

So check out our services and marketing packages or simply reach out to us today and let’s chat about what could be the right solution for you.