How to Boost Sales with Multi-Channel Marketing

Should I use email marketing to reach my customers?

Or should I focus on making my website as user-friendly and appealing as possible?

How about adding an SEO optimized blog?

But wait, maybe I should go old-school with direct mail…

There are multiple options available to business owners looking to create and leverage effective marketing plans—and if the research is right, that’s a good thing. Gone are the days when it paid for companies to put all of their marketing eggs in one basket. Today’s consumers need multiple touch points to get to know you and your brand, and smart marketing will meet them at each one of those points with a consistent and compelling message.


 Multi-channel marketing 101

Multi-channel marketing is an approach that uses a combination of channels, from email to direct mail, to create a customer-centric and dynamic experience for your target audience. And it is meant to be an experience—not a one and done interaction but an ongoing journey where you engage with customers in different ways over time.


 The advantages of multi-channel marketing

The main advantage to multi-channel marketing is that it helps build relationships with your audience. It does this by providing multiple and repeated points of interaction so that if one type of outreach is missed, chances are the next one will land. Over time, your name and brand become more familiar and stay top of mind, increasing the chance that a prospective customer becomes a paying one.

Think of marketing as a highway. The destination is a sale, or better yet, a loyal customer who will make repeat purchases. If you only have one on-ramp to the highway—say, for example, your website—anyone who misses the on-ramp will fail to reach the destination. But if you have multiple on-ramps—website, blog, email marketing, social media, direct mail, etc.—there are far more chances for people to get on the highway and arrive at your destination.


By the numbers

Does multi-channel marketing work? Here are a few stats to back up a resounding yes:

  • According to Gartner Research, a marketing campaign that uses 4 or more channels will exceed the results of campaigns with one or two channels by 300%.
  • Think with Google reports that customers need multiple, sometimes dozens, of touchpoints in their journey towards making a purchase.
  • The Aberdeen Group notes that multi-channel marketing positively affects a company’s bottom line: businesses with a strong multi-channel marketing campaign see an average of a 9.5% year over year revenue increase, coupled with a 7.5% year over year decrease in spend per customer.

It’s clear that multi-channel marketing can boost customer reach and engagement, and in our next article, we’ll talk about ways to incorporate a multi-channel approach to your marketing campaign. Can’t wait that long to start getting better results? Contact the marketing experts at RedKnight Marketing today to get started!

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