We hear it over and over again: “I was told Tuesday and Thursday are the best days to send  emails out.” Well that may be true for many, but is it true for you? Let’s explore why you shouldn’t always listen to people and averages, but rather listen to your own numbers and results.

Just because other people’s data say something is great, doesn’t mean it always applies to your business. For example, we have many clients that were told they should be on social media. So, they are everywhere even if they have no business being on Snapchat or Tik Tok. They might even be questionable on Twitter, yet they are everywhere because they have been told to do so. What does this have to do with email marketing?

Email marketing has been around long enough to be considered a true and tested marketing tactic. There are millions of emails being sent every day – some really good and some really bad. The key thing is, we are getting a ton of metrics back. Companies like AWeber, Constant Contact and Mailchimp can’t wait to share all this data with you to help make your campaign better…. but is it helping?

Just like with everything else, when you don’t have a baseline for metrics they can end up meaning very little to you. If you are restaurant sending out lunch specials, it should be pretty obvious that the Tuesday and Thursday concept may be irrelevant to you. When you are a company that relies on different traffic at different hours, or relies on people making a purchasing decision during specific times, you really have to test your own market to see when you get the best results.

Don’t be afraid to take a few weeks and send out your newsletter at different times or on different days. Then measure the results. See how your open rates change, see how your click rates fluctuate, and see if there is an increase in business on specific days. If you have enough information about the people on your list, you can even segment it based on results.

What we are really saying is, don’t assume that because a certain email marketing metric works for one company, that it will work well for you. Just because a wheel fits great under one car doesn’t mean it will fit yours. So do some tests, play around with your email marketing, and then measure the results to see what fits your company.

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